Social work 'the PAH' (Social association of affected by mortgage)

The campaign of Social work PAH started in September 2011 as a result of the attitude from banks, that continued evicting families from their homes while they were acumulating empty houses at the same time. Against this, PAH proposes to recuperate this homes for evicted families. It also asks for a social rent based on the level of the families income.
The recuperation of houses can be realised individually, at the moment a family is reallocated in their ex-house, and for which still keeps the debt. Or the recuperation can also be collective when the families reallocation is in an entire empty building owned by a bank. The aim, in both cases, is that the evicted families claim their rights for a house to live. But the first case, additionally, allows to renegotiate with the bank once the proceedings in Court against the family is ended.
The second case shows how banks are accumulating empty houses, and also shows the needs for solutions in order to guarantee the right to have access to a house.

Until October 2013 Social work PAH has reallocated 712 persons.


For this experience the following proposals have been applied:

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